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The current i‑effect® version 2.8

i‑effect® Build 2.8.13
MapGui Build 8.3
WebControl Build 3.28.16
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Splitting of log files
  • The internal log files, which are now located in /home/ieffect/internal/, will no longer exceed a maximum file size of 100 MB. As soon as a log file reaches its maximum size, a new file will be created in which logging will continue.
  • All database objects of i‑effect® (tables, views, indexes, triggers, contracts) are now in their own database schema (library). During the installation the name of the library can be chosen freely. The default name is IEFFECTDB. When the database is disconnected, future update and upgrade installations will only need to make the necessary changes to the database. There is no need to restore and copy existing database contents. This significantly reduces the time required for an installation. If an object in the database is lost or damaged, a new function in i‑effect® can be used to automatically repair missing or defective objects in the i‑effect® database.
Data conversion in *MAPPER
  • New tasks added to calculate and check the check digit of EAN13 and GLN.
User interface WebControl
  • New user and rights management to control page access via freely definable user roles. Users can additionally be activated and deactivated.
Monitor Jobs in *SERVER
  • Monitor groups can be defined. A monitor group collects files until either a specified number of files is reached or a specified time period is exceeded. If one of the two conditions is fulfilled, all collected files are processed in one job. This leads to a reduction in the number of jobs transferred.
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