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The current i‑effect® version 2.9

i‑effect® Build 3.1.1
MapGui Build 8.6
WebControl Build 3.31.00
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All new features and improvements in detail

Turbo Installer
  • The new Turbo-Installer of i‑effect® installs an update/upgrade or a new installation of the product in a few minutes (on average about 8 minutes on a small IBM i partition). The "downtime" during which the product is not available can thus be reduced to a minimum.
Native installation
  • An i‑effect® installation can be started either with the help of the graphical installer from a PC, or directly on an IBM i. New installation scripts, which are also located on the delivered ISO, can be executed directly on the IBM i for this purpose.
Advanced IASP support
  • The directory /home/ieffect is now also stored in the IASP, so that all objects belonging to the product and capable of IASP can now be located in an IASP.
Change of library names or shift between IASP and SYSBAS
  • The names of libraries used by i‑effect® as well as the location of i‑effect® (*SYSBAS or IASP) can be customized after installation.
Automatic document indexing
  • Starting with this version, i‑effect® contains an automated document indexing. All files with structured data that are processed inbound or outbound by i‑effect® can be indexed. A new management interface in WebControl already includes definitions for automated reading of EDIFACT, X12 and XML document details. Data such as sender GLN, recipient GLN, exchange reference number, document number, purchase order number and invoice number are thus always available and can be used in WebControl to locate transactions and files. The user can create his own definitions or add to existing definitions and thus have any other document types such as FLATFILE or CSV data read out as well and use the index values found in later search queries. All index values can be displayed as additional columns in displays such as document input and output and can be used when searching, sorting and filtering to find operations.
Backup and restore i‑effect®
  • With the included functions for backup and restore, a complete i‑effect® with all components can be saved in a backup library. A later restore from this backup state completely restores a complete i‑effect® with all settings, directories, and library. This method can also be used to move i‑effect® from one system to another.
Simplified WebControl views
  • The displays for document input and output have been simplified and now directly show information about the processed document type and number. Indexed information can be added individually by the user as columns. All new indexing values can be used in filters. The menu structure has been simplified.
New FAQ section
  • A new area has been created at https://manual.i-effect.com/faq/de, where frequent questions and answers related to i‑effect® are summarized.
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Release Notes

Find out what improvements and bug fixes we have implemented in our older versions. Choose between the different products i‑effect®, MapGui or Webcontrol. With the module filter you can filter the release notes according to the modules you use.

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