Webcontrol 3

MapGui 2.7

01visual update

In order to be able to work even more efficiently, we have significantly improved the usability of the i-effect® *MAPGUI. For this purpose, the design was unified and the number of windows minimized.

02One-click transfer

In the new MAPGUI you transfer your mappings with one click to the i-effect® server.

03*MAPGUI Portable

The *MAPGUI is now delivered as a portable version. It is therefore immediately ready to run and requires no installation.

04New tasks

In the new version, some tasks are added to simplify workflows. With the new *ZUGFERD tasks, you can now create ZUGFeRD PDFs during the mapping.


With the so-called 'Occurences', you can define the order in which your target segments are issued, regardless of the source.

06New configurations

The module configuration will now open in a new window. The dialogues were simplified and tidied up.


Create files with i-effect® in the ZUGFeRD format

Create files with i-effect® in the ZUGFeRD format

As part of the new i-effect® version 2.7, it is now possible to create electronic invoices directly from the system in the ZUGFeRD format and then transmit them electronically to the invoice recipient. The use of this format makes it easier for companies to handle all workflows around outgoing invoices, so that you can save time, effort and costs for printing, enveloping and shipping. The ZUGFeRD format incorporates all important invoice data as XML format into the PDF. The i-effect® module *REPORT and the i-effect® *MAPGUI then help to transform the data from the database into a ZUGFeRD format.

Process files with i-effect® in the ZUGFeRD format

Processing the invoices is also easier with i-effect® *ZUGFERD. After receiving invoices, all invoice data can be extracted from the ZUGFeRD format and automatically transferred to the systems with little effort. In addition, receiving invoices can be more automated, more efficient, easier and can save costs.

Process files with i-effect® in the ZUGFeRD format