EDI on IBM i

EDI package specifically build for the IBM i platform


The graphical user interface module WebControl allows for an intuitive control, administration and monitoring of the software solution i-effect® according to modern web standards directly on IBM Power Systems. It offers process tracking features, an integrated logbook, a build-in certificate manager and intelligent search and lookup functions to identify processes and locate EDI files. A multilingual interface with customizable settings gives every single user a personalized view into existing EDI process information.

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Creating and maintaining mappings is easy and intuitive with this state-of-the-art mapping interface. It supports any-2-any conversions between any combination of data formats. Without programming knowledge, creating a mapping is simply dragging and dropping elements form the source and target tree view. Being the most flexible tool available for IBM Power Systems, it supports unlimited conditions, tasks, variables and is even extendable by implementing user written tasks.

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Most of today’s EDI transactions are send and received using an industry standard called AS2. The i-effect® EDI suite supports this industry standard and provides reliable and performant usage of this internet based communication protocol that implements signature, encryption and message disposition notifications. In comparison to using VAN services to archive AS2 connectivity, this solution can be used as an cost saving alternative for on on-premise application that has no limitation on the number of partners or transactions processed.

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MapGui 2.7

01visual update

In order to be able to work even more efficiently, we have significantly improved the usability of the i-effect® *MAPGUI. For this purpose, the design was unified and the number of windows minimized.

02One-click transfer

In the new MAPGUI you transfer your mappings with one click to the i-effect® server.

03*MAPGUI Portable

The *MAPGUI is now delivered as a portable version. It is therefore immediately ready to run and requires no installation.

04New tasks

In the new version, some tasks are added to simplify workflows. With the new *ZUGFERD tasks, you can now create ZUGFeRD PDFs during the mapping.


With the so-called 'Occurences', you can define the order in which your target segments are issued, regardless of the source.

06New configurations

The module configuration will now open in a new window. The dialogues were simplified and tidied up.


The safe information highway for effective exchange of EDI

i-effect® *AS2 is the native solution for communication via AS2 on IBM Power Systems. The i-effect® *AS2 and *CRYPT modules provide all the advantages of high-security internet communication.

The AS2 protocol (Applicability Statement 2) was developed to put electronic business communication using the internet on a most reliable and secure basis. AS2 is the best choice for exchanging business documents electronically. Based on HTTP

or HTTP/s and using well known features like standardized S/MIME attachments, this protocol is based on reliable already approved technology. It not only uses digital signatures and a high level of encryption to make it secure, it also has a build in acknowledgement feature using MDNs (message disposition notifications) that reliable state the success of an electronic data transfer. This non-repudiation feature build on an industry standard communication protocol made AS2 the most important communication protocol for electronic data interchange (EDI).

AS2 Keystore
Flowchart of AS2 communication

Secure and reliable business document communication

Within i-effect®, the AS2 implementation uses all features of the protocol. Messages are automatically acknowledged using synchronous or asynchronous MDNs and in case of a transfer abortion, files are resend within the AS2 subsystem.

Being a multi-threaded, high performance communication subsystem, i-effect® *AS2 can handled a large number of simultaneous in- and outbound communications. It is scalable with no limits where only available system resources define the intensity of parallel communications being available.

i-effect® Live Demo

Participate in our i-effect Live Demo event to see how a modern EDI solution running on IBM can help to improve your connectivity to customers and suppliers. We demonstrate the usage of our graphical mapping tool as well as the web based administration and monitoring interface WebControl. Learn how to deal with X.12, EDIFACT, XML and other data structures and understand how i-effect can help to automate all EDI tasks in a standardized and modern EDI solution.

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